The mini sexdoll can be carried everywhere

Before adopting a sexy doll, it is important to inform yourself about its characteristics in order not to have bad surprises once at the delivery. Indeed, silicone dolls exist in several categories, but mini sexdolls are a little more advantageous than others.

The identity of a mini sex doll

Mini sexdolls measure about 110 to 125cm. The size of a young girl of about 10 to 12 years old. They are so young, but they have all the characteristics of a real adult woman, with the breast size of a woman who has already given birth, the well-padded buttocks, she is really a sexy girl. The size of their sex is small, which will make young teenagers feel more comfortable when they want to start having sex and not fumble in front of their girlfriend. The doll has joints like a human being, which is why it weighs less than 40kg. It is therefore a sex toy to the standard and that could satisfy both men and women who sometimes have a pressing desire for sex while his or her partner is still unavailable.

The advantages of choosing a mini sex doll

The manufacturers of these mini sex dolls have made efforts not to pester the mind of the users with the childish appearance of the girls. The main advantage is in its delivery, since it is small, it can be confined in a small box that will not arouse the eyes of curious neighbors. They have their own bag that you can easily place among your vacation luggage. The silicon character of which it was made was designed to resist longer, especially to the heat during its transport and to shocks that its users cannot control once in action.

When you buy a sexy mini doll, you get as a gift, a bag of several clothes, lubricant, condoms, gloves, a cleaning product for her inner body, a nice blanket, and talcum powder.


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